Australias #1 Probiotic Portable Toilet Solution

Australia's Favourite Toilet Odour Control Solution for Caravan's, Motorhomes, Yachts and Houseboats

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Portable Toilet ProTreat Sachets and 4-in-1 Odour and Cleaning Control

ProTreat Portable Toilet Sachets

Drop and Go pre portioned water soluble sachets eliminate the need for messy chemicals and over use.

Suitable for all portable toilets. ProTreat sachets can be used in grey water, black water, holding tank, cassette style and composting portable toilets.

4 in 1 Bathroom Care Concentrate

The only solution for all your caravan bathroom needs. Toilet bowl cleaner, flush rinse, tank cleaner, and multipurpose bathroom cleaner.

10x the value with our concentrated probiotic formula.

Suitable for all caravans, motorhomes, RV and boat bathrooms.

Are you allowing your porta-a-loo to get the better of you?

Eco Traveller is specifically designed to deodorise and safely maintain holding tanks throughout portable toilets and caravan port-a-loos. Our point of difference is utilising a combination of composting bacteria that is loaded with pro-active bacteria which is a species of ‘probiotic’ live bacteria known to contain health benefits. Each sachet is loaded with 1.5 billion pro-active bacteria that guarantees keeping pipes and valves clear and free of odours.

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